DEVELOPED BY: David Costine


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Super Spaceball is a fast-paced local multiplayer 2D sports style game.

A high tech race of cosmic beings known as the Orbeins have come to Earth! Their plan is to "recruit" the best players in the galaxy against their will, and force them to compete in the greatest game in the galaxy...


The rules are simple:

  • You are equipped with "Super Jump Boots" and a "Slam Stick"
  • Get the Orbeins into the goal to score.
  • Lose...and you die!

BETA Features:

  • 1 or 2 players.
  • 7 Game Modes.
  • Multiple characters.

UPCOMING Features:

  • 1-4 players.
  • MORE Game Modes and Levels.
  • MORE Wacky Characters.
  • and more.

Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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*this game is currently in development and is not a finished product so you might experience bugs/glitches, if you find any bugs or glitches please send an email to bluemonsterstudios@gmail.com

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